there was widespread internet, before there were cellphones, before the various technologies of the present day that we take for granted, Marvelous Creations was born with the focus of doing the very best work possible to achieve our client's goals. I was fortunate to cut my teeth and learn from some of the best craftsmen in the Northeast part of the country, at the Scott & Duncan Company.  We focused on architectural millwork & casework: commercial, institutional and residential.  Wide-spread use of Cordless tools and CNC machines were just on the horizon, but the focus was on skill, craftsmanship, and hard work. 


forward to opening Marvelous Creations, a cabinet & millwork shop, then growing into a complete General Contracting company. The cell phone became part of your wardrobe. New technologies, materials and changes to the building codes were introduced at an almost daily pace. The company grew and added successful relationships with many kinds of sub-contractors, suppliers, architects, designers and clients. Projects spanned the spectrum of the construction & renovation industries and challenged the many disciplines of the trades. 


is a teacher of many lessons, and the industries that existed when we started have changed in numerous ways. Project Lead times are reduced, procurement times are extended, and many materials are more specialized in their design & applications. Multi-tasking has given way to Multi-Thinking where the emphasis is on synthesizing multidisciplinary sets of information. It takes more ingenuity and experience to successfully manage and bring a project to its fruition than ever before, and more collaboration between more parties is usually required, but the simple focus on skill, craftsmanship, and hard work remains.



the component of design that requires the skill and ability to visualize a space & see all available possibilities combined with fully understanding the client's needs and the project's parameters.  After identifying key strengths and weaknesses in a project's scope, we engineer and design solutions, providing our clients with sometimes multiple pathways (often unconventional) to achieve their goals.  We successfully communicate these pathways to our clients in a variety of ways: 3-D renderings, full-scale mock-ups, Architectural drawings and sketches, detailed shop drawings, even computer based simulations- everything necessary to fully involve all members of the project team.  We work directly with the client, or with the client’s existing design team, including architects designers and project / facility managers. Working first on the design & planning phase, we make it easy for our clients to continue to the bidding and subsequent permitting phases of the project. We also supply our own Architects and Structural Engineers as needed.



to Project Management & Construction Supervision is the successful merging of the "Big Picture" design vision with the immutable details that are present in every project.  Flexibility is the fulcrum that leverages the needs of all parties, balancing schedules, budgets, and expectations.   Project Management requires many skills, but none more important than listening to and communication between all parties, the Client's team, the Design professionals, trades and craftsmen, Suppliers and the project's site conditions.  It is the ability to conduct an orchestra through the often chaotic construction life-span of a project.