Shop Drawings; Blueprints; Architectural plans & specs; 3-D Renderings; CAD simulations

Capturing the Details

We provide our clients with multiple ways to envision their completed projects. From Shop drawings & submittals, to CAD simulations & 3-D renderings, the focus is on the details and how best to communicate them to all parties.

Perspective Drawings

"Thus (through perspective) every sort of confusion is revealed within us; and this is that weakness of the human mind on which the art of conjuring and of deceiving by light and shadow and other ingenious devices imposes, having an effect upon us like magic...And the arts of measuring and numbering and weighing come to the rescue of the human understanding-there is the beauty of them-and the apparent greater or less, or more or heavier, no longer have the mastery over us, but give way before calculation and measure and weight?"-Plato

Shop Drawings (Details)

It is the space where the ideas meet the reality of the materials and techniques. The shop drawing reveals inconsistencies that may otherwise go unnoticed until execution, only to require expensive remedies. The details of construction clearly, concisely and cleanly expressed provide the clarity for all trades and designers to proceed...

Shop Drawings (Revisions)

The process of revision is as necessary to the design and completion of the project as the initial vision or the skill needed to execute. We provide Timely response to revisions and changes in specs, as well as transparent flow to the communication process.

Schedules & Specifications

Simplicity combined with detail will result in the successful communication of a project's needs. All information must be simply and effectively communicated through the drawings and specifications without ambiguity.

Architectural Elevations

Plan View, Elevation, Sections Thru, Sketches, and Isometric Perspectives. We utilize a variety of software, including various specialty software, to output the project's design and details. This output can be used for marketing, construction, provide cost-estimates, even convert to G-code for use with CNC production environments.

Cabinet / Millwork Shop Drawings

We provide shop drawings in any electronic format, including CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF, and in hardcopy sizes from 8.5 x 11 to Architectural E (36" x 48").